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Welcome to the world of gift baskets!

Before you start making gift baskets,
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You've arrived at the site where 22 years of gift basket industry experience resides to ensure your creative fun or business success.

This is your home if you're ready to create gift baskets as a hobby or combine your love of gift basket making with a business at home, in a newly-added gift basket area in your store, or just want to learn how to create beautiful gift basket designs to give family and friends.

You'll find hundreds of ideas, information, and opportunities on this site and family sites to learn, grow, and profit.

I'm Shirley George Frazier, author of How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business, The Gift Basket Design Book, and Marketing Strategies for the Home-Based Business, and I welcome you here.

Bookmark this site, explore every opportunity, and get ready to succeed on your own terms.

"First let me thank you for this site. This has been a real help
with me finding out information!!! Thanks a million
H. Gant


If you're brand new to gift baskets, want to make these beautiful masterpieces for the people in your life, or want to build a business selling gift baskets to individuals and corporations, this is where you'll find all the support and materials to make your dreams come true. Read below and see which profile fits where you are now and where you want to achieve:

If you want lots of resources to start your business, the private membership club is for you:
  • New how-to videos each month
  • 1-to-1 mentoring with me by phone
  • Bonuses, a private forum, and more!

Click for details about the Golden Basket Club

If you want a big package delivered to your door filled with everything to make your first gift basket, the Starter Kit is for you:
  • Delicious foods and great gifts
  • Autographed books and DVDs to watch
  • All the supplies you need for designing

Click Here for info on the Starter Kit

If you want training with help every step of the way, the online Start Your Own Gift Basket Business course is for you:
  • 12 lessons in 6 weeks
  • Design, pricing, marketing, strategy, and much more
  • A forum that's open 24/7 where Shirley answers all of your questions!

Click for the online Gift Basket Business course

How Will this Web Site Help Me?

You have a choice of visiting other Web sites with gift basket business information. We're pleased that you're here and are honored to share unsolicited comments from visitors and buyers.

"I just wanted to say thank you very much! Your site has been a great help for me. I am starting my own business soon, and I feel a lot more confident in what I am doing. Thank you for the information. It is greatly appreciated."
H. Kirkland

"I just wanted to comment on how HELPFUL this site is. I have been looking everywhere for this kind of basic info. It was fun also and I appreciate the craft page. THANK YOU!!!"
Victoria in Mississippi

"Recently I have become interested in starting a gift basket business and your site has been extremely helpful. I have done research on many other sites and none of them have been as interesting, helpful and easy to follow as yours. I thank you for creating this site and I will definitely be purchasing your book. Thank you for providing this information."
J. Abbott-Pratt


Click here for more information about Shirley George Frazier and why she's known as the world's authority on the gift basket industry.


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