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Wholesalers -- Here's How to Reach Gift Basket Retailers and Related Professionals

Clients looking for you come to us first.


If you're ready to grow, the increases your exposure and sales to gift basket designers and related professionals searching for products and supplies for their businesses.

This site is visited by more than 10,000 designers each month who are eager to learn about you and place your products in their gift baskets or add your services to help them grow.

We offer you three ways to put your products and services into the hands of gift basket retailers and related professionals.

The blog features insightful articles written on topics that engage retailers twice a week. It is the only industry blog on the Web that is consistently updated. Blog marketing opportunities include:

  • Adding your logo in the blog's right column

  • A featured Q&A article about your business and its products

"We appreciate all the attention you gave to us and our baskets. With support like yours, it's no wonder we tripled our sales at the Atlanta show."
Design Ideas
"The referrals at your seminars have resulted in orders! We really appreciate it."
Ultimate Biscotti

The Gift Basket Business Facebook page brings industry participants together to learn about and discuss triumphs and challenges in a comfortable and relaxed social environment. This is where you can market on a weekly basis, directly to business owners who are searching for your products and services for everyday and special occasion gifts and baskets. Marketing opportunities on this popular Facebook page include:

  • Ability to post links to specific pages on your website for new products and specials.

  • Announce contests, trade show appearances, and information available on your company's Facebook page.

"Your professionalism was only exceeded by your enthusiasm to help sell our product line, and it showed."
Former owner, BoxCo
“Just a note to thank you for recommending Kensington AcScents and our aromapads. Several buyers placed orders. We appreciate you “planting the seed” in the minds of those in the industry.”
Kensington AcScents


Basket Biz is the weekly online newsletter featuring an introduction, original article, and notice about an upcoming industry event or product/service. It's published every Thursday and has been in existence in text or online since 1993. Marketing opportunities in Basket Biz are:

  • Sponsorship ad and link at the top, middle, or bottom.

  • Article written for you and included related to your products/services.

"Just wanted to thank you for your beautiful book and commend you on the awesome job you do with your business. It’s a joy to work with someone so professional."
Wendy Just, Cary's of Oregon


Become one of our elite wholesale partners today. Complete the form below for information on rates and terms, or contact Karen Smith, Online Content Manager, at (973) 279-2799 or email Karen at

NOTICE: Sweet Survival®/ reserves the right to refuse advertisements from objectionable Web sites.

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