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Gift Basket Videos








Gift Basket Basics shows how to create gorgeous designs that you will love making and recipients will adore receiving. You'll learn how to:

  • Select products
  • Anchor items flawlessly
  • Theme the selection
  • Add enhancements
  • and much more on the 83-minute videotape.

Shirley George Frazier is your mentor who takes you step by step to start and finish your beautiful gift basket designs. She also shares secret techniques that professionals use every day.

A complete list of product sources is included.

ISBN 0-9653408-5-6
DVD - $49

NO CREDIT CARD? You can fax or mail order form

"(Frazier) provides a combination of basic and advanced instruction that will appeal to both beginners and experienced designers, pointing out necessary supplies, offering suggestions for selecting the right basket for various occasions, and showing viewers how to safely anchor items, assemble, and wrap creative holiday baskets. This is recommended."

Video Librarian, November/December 2003
Three-star review (out of four stars)

"Appeals to both novice and seasoned crafters. Frazier's instructions are clear, and she offers easy ways to adapt and adjust the materials. Viewers will appreciate the pricing information and Web site resources."

Booklist, February 2004

10 Dazzling Designs (You Can Make)
in 5 Minutes Each or Less


Want to speed up your design time from one hour to just a few minutes?

10 Dazzling Designs in 5 Minutes Each or Less gets you on the fast track to create better-looking designs in half the time.

You'll be making designs for new occasions and old favorites, including:

  • Spa
  • Mother's Day
  • New Home
  • Father's Day
  • Snack Attack
  • and five more delightful themes

ISBN 0-9653408-6-4
66 minutes
DVD - $49

NO CREDIT CARD? You can fax or mail order form

"Frazier is clearly qualified and creative - she makes it look easy. It is useful to see how themes can be developed."

Library Journal, September 2004

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