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Special Offers

Take advantage of the resource materials available to you from our business library. These materials contain information that was published several years ago but still uncover profitable opportunities that help you succeed every day.

Because of the low cost, items on this page are only available through PayPal payment to U.S. addresses. You will benefit from these products, as they will help you to build a strong and profitable business.

Gift Basket Basics - VHS Version


Shirley Frazier shows you how to design beautiful gift baskets to sell in retail stores, make from home for fun or profit, or create as a sideline business.

This videotape provides you with step-by-step details to start designing gift baskets quickly.

Necessary materials, anchoring techniques, wrapping styles and more are covered. 83 minutes.

Was $44.95, Now $15.00



10 Dazzling Designs You Can Make in 5 Minutes or Less - VHS Version

Learn how to turn 10 themes into masterpieces in just 5 minutes each or less. You'll:

*See 10 gift basket styles for every day and special occasions
*Learn how to add low-cost enhancements for dazzling effects
*Discover how to turn three items into a stunning pyramid-shaped design
*Determine when to use alternative products to customize each basket
*Uncover secrets to create a magnificent man's theme
And much more to cut your design time in half!

If you want to create gorgeous gift baskets in five minutes or less, this videotape is for you.

Was $44.95, Now $15.00



All orders are shipped through the United States Postal Service.


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