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U.S. and Canadian Gift Basket Groups


Start Your Own Association: Secrets of Success to Launch Your Own Group Around an Industry, Profession, or Passion

How many times have you wanted to join a group of like-minded people in your local area to talk about your industry, business, triumphs and challenges but found that no such group exists?

Can you envision the camaraderie of such a group help you to succeed faster?

Perhaps it's time for you to create an association. But how do you start? What are the regulations, and how do you set it up so everyone (especially you) reaps big benefits?

Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D and author, started The Gift Basket Professionals Network and knows the ins and outs of creating an association from scratch. She's interviewed by gift industry expert and author, Shirley George Frazier, and reveals everything you need to know to start your association on a firm foundation right from the start.

Dr. Brown reveals little known secrets about creating an association, including:

  • What's necessary to create a truly professional association at the very beginning
  • Which rules and regulations are important to know before you begin
  • Which outside professionals must be consulted to set everything up correctly
  • How to determine if you will be a profit or non-profit organization
  • What to consider in order to make your association truly business minded
  • How to choose officers
  • Which parts of association creation are most important for end-of-year accountability
  • How to choose a meeting location that accommodates the group's vision and growth
  • Problems that can occur as you attempt to conduct meetings
  • Which types of guest speakers to look for and invite
  • How to set and collect dues
  • What to know before charging (or not charging) a price for guests to attend
  • How to keep members and guests from dominating the conversation and throwing the meeting into chaos
  • How the association can influence what manufacturers create to benefit your industry
  • What types of handouts and incentives to create to encourage new members to join and current members to attend
  • How to start and structure the association's website
  • How early to plan your association's yearly schedule
  • What's necessary for members to be complimentary to each other rather than competitive

Dr. Brown's insights throughout this valuable interview will prove instrumental if you're thinking of creating an association or are setting up one right now. Order this CD today and build an association that all will join.

$39 - 60 minutes

United States

National Specialty Gift Association

NSGA is a directory and resource center for gift basket supply businesses; including: wholesalers, retailers, gourmet food suppliers, information on starting a gift basket business, how to make a gift basket, trade shows and more.

It's the only organization dedicated to assisting gift basket retailers throughout the U.S. Visit their Web site and join today.



The Gift Service Association of Canada

Join this lively group of gift basket designers and related professionals. Visit their Web site for more details.


NOTICE: We make space available on for gift basket groups' information.

However, we are not responsible for any of the groups or their activities. Please contact each group directly.

Attention: Gift Basket Groups

Do you represent or are a member of a gift basket organization? We'd love to add your group's details to this page.

Email Karen, who will contact you for more info.


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