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Finding Money - Cash and More to Start Your Business



By Shirley Frazier
Sweet Survivalģ/

Money Ė itís the main ingredient that ensures a thriving business or stands in the way of many aspiring entrepreneurs who desire to start their dream business.

Money is found in a number of ways. Grants, contests, loans, and credit cards are some of the methods entrepreneurs find money to fund their dream.

Personal savings, savings bonds, and borrowing from retirement funds are other ways.

If finances didnít stand in your way, what would you buy first? Your initial inventory? A better computer or printer?

What about a delivery van for those mega orders, or a merchant account so you can accept credit cards right away?

All of that and more is needed to not only get your business up and running but also ensure its longevity.

When you start a business, you must make sure that thereís enough money to sustain the company while you continue to pay the bills that keep you and your family comfortable.


Thatís a big hurdle that many designers faced but were able to achieve. So will you.

I was working a full-time job when I started my business. The money came from an insurance policy that I no longer needed.

Iím not sure where the money would have come from if I didnít have that policy, but when starting a business means you have the freedom to call your own shots and lead the type of life you believe is best for you and a family, youíll do just about anything to get the funds needed to start.

Iíve met thousands of entrepreneurs as I travel to speak at trade shows throughout the U.S., and they all have a story about how they found start-up cash. No names will be revealed here, but their stories may inspire you to get the money thatís needed to start the business of your dreams.

This section will be expanded in the coming weeks, so be sure to visit again as we provide new ideas to find start-up funds.


©2006 Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.
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