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Drop Shipping - Is it For You?

Drop shippers provide a vital service for aspiring and veteran gift basket designers and retail boutiques. That's why drop shipping services is offered by more than 20 firms that fill a void in the U.S. and worldwide.

The term "drop ship" refers to a third party that is contracted by a retailer to create and deliver/ship gift baskets, fruit baskets, or other gift-related packages to the retailer's customer. The third party fulfills the order, and the retailer receives a percentage of the good's retail price.

There are many reasons why gift basket retailers work with drop shippers, including:

State laws that prohibit a home-based retailer from selling food-related gift baskets.
Availability of general merchandise and other product categories that a retailer does not readily keep on hand (fruit, flowers, alcohol, cookies, etc.).
Order overflow during the holidays and other high-volume seasons.

What's more important is that they're a source of revenue. You place the order, they ship or deliver, and you receive a percentage of the sale. That's it. And many drop shippers will place your name on the box. No extra inventory to purchase, no driving to UPS at the last minute.

If this describes the business you envision, then the Drop Ship Vendors report is for you. Here a sample of the report's introduction:

Drop shipping vendors fill an essential niche in the gift industry.

The drop ship process begins when a retailer contacts a wholesale supplier to order gifts, gourmet baskets, fruit, flowers, or customized products to ship to the retailer's client(s) on behalf of the retailer who does not normally stock such items.

The drop ship program option, also known as fulfillment services, has become a viable alternative for a number of reasons.

1. Gift basket designers who are starting a business don't always have enough space in their home offices or retail shops to house numerous designs. Drop shippers maintain an adequate supply of inventory to create gift baskets at their facility for future orders.

2. Laws in some states, whether considered antiquated or placed on the books to protect the public, prohibit designers without storefront locations from selling gourmet products and alcoholic beverages. These retailers can still sell gift baskets to their clients through drop ship programs.

3. Designers who are unable to keep pace with large quantity orders from corporate clients or orders placed during the holidays turn to drop shippers to supplement short-term demands.

Drop Ship Vendors lists more than 25 drop ship companies through the U.S. and Canada, all ready and able to create beautiful designs for shipping directly to you or your customer. We answer the important questions you have before working with a drop shipper, including:

  • What are the enrollment fees, membership fees, and minimum order quantities?
  • Is the package labeled with my business name on the box?
  • Will the order be shipped on the same day the order is placed?
  • Can I track the shipment online?
  • Are the drop shipper's design images available for my Web site?
  • Can my marketing literature be added for shipping with the order?
  • Are there enrollment and termination rules?

This report is only available here to make you money and save you hours of time to find these sources online.

Small Business Success Stories:
Why Drop Shipping Makes
Dollars & Sense

Join Shirley George Frazier as she interviews gift basket drop shipping expert, Emmitt Holtzclaw, as he explains how drop ship services enhance your business in ways that makes you sign up for membership as quickly as possible.

$39 - 63 minutes

Drop Shipping:
12 Things You Must Know to Make
Bundles of Cash When Someone
Else Makes Your Gift Baskets

This CD introduces you to the world of drop shipping and how it helps your business thrive because if you’re not careful, drop shipping can turn into a problem that drains your income and ruins your reputation.

$39 - 55 minutes


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Read the intro