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Basket Sources












"Where can I get baskets?" is one of the most-common questions asked at gift basket classes and seminars worldwide. That question is followed by, "Where can I get affordable baskets?"

The answer to both questions takes research to answer, and many times the answer is found right in your backyard.

In the United States, many basket firms are located on the west coast, but there are many distributors located throughout the country. Companies selling ribbon, shred, tissue, and cellophane also make baskets available for gift basket designs. But they're not the only source.

Distributors are located in every state in the U.S, and you'll also find many more in China, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

If you truly want the best resources, it's up to you, the enterprising gift basket designer, to research product sources in your own area to save on shipping charges when ordering from regions that are from from you.


If you cannot find a vast amount of suppliers, you'll learn of basket sources on the baskets site.

More on the Basket Sources report and how to select baskets is found on the basket inventory page.

You'll see how plain baskets are transformed into design masterpieces on the Baskets Web site.


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